Does this future sound good to you? Envision a bold new you: Confident, strong, decisive, financially independent, secure, successful, peaceful and full of all the goodness life has to offer.

That’s what you will learn how to create at the “Dare To Be D.I.N.O! conference. Easily and Effortlessly!

The sooner you make yourself a priority the sooner you will feel better about yourself. You CAN BE the TRUE YOU on the outside that YOU KNOW you already are on the inside.

This three-day Entrepreneurial Women’s Business Leadership event in San Diego, CA delivers clarity & answers on how to create, embrace and LIVE the Vision of YOU that you’ve always dreamed of!


Friday, Oct 19th, 2018


Welcome to D.I.N.O!

The morning session is designed for first-time D.I.N.O! attendees to help you think about your vision, your goals, and triumphing over obstacles.  And then,

How to Raise the Bar: “Body”

Your state of health (or lack there of) effects your emotions, your stamina, your clarity. It also affects your revenue and profits.  How you look and feel affects how well you perform.  Our speakers will challenge and inspire you to raise the bar and take charge of how your body affects your bottom line.


Saturday, Oct 20th, 2018


 How to Raise the Bar: “Mind”

Your mindset influences everything. Your health, your wealth, your quality of life and business.

Leadership is not always easy or comfortable. However, for those seeking increase in results in their business, the seed for change in your results starts with you. Skills can be learned, refined, improved and evolve over time. Understanding how to harness the power of the brain is truly transformational. Our group of experts, will not only inspire to lead, but help provide you with the tools and resources to help you transform your thinking for creating breakthrough results you want in your life and business! 


Each day features plenty of breaks, good food, specialty content, and fun!

Sunday, Oct 21st, 2018


How to Raise the Bar: “Business”

All too often, people jump into starting a business without a plan. You are expert at what you do, but are you an expert at starting, developing, scaling and running a business? In your journey from entrepreneur to business owner, there can be much overwhelm with the next ‘must do’ for growing your company.

Our panel of successful business owners will help guide you on your path to thriving in your business with been there, done that, proven insights on how to discern the best strategic, easy, effective ways to grow so you enjoy financial and money freedom.


Special Friday Night Notable Networking Rooftop Event:

A networking experience created just for you! 

This is your chance to meet and network with the keynote speaker, field experts, and our wonderful vendors and sponsors

It is also time for you to Experience the “Circle of 10” Networking Strategy developed by leadership networking expert Debbra Sweet.  You’ll meet valuable contacts YOU need while you promote your business too.

Eat, Drink, and Shop your way through this one-of-kind networking event with the beautiful Oceanside Pier as our backdrop for this event!

Exclusive Saturday Night V.I.P. Ask the Expert Private Dinner:

A V.I.P. experience created just for you! 

Invest into yourself and your business with a V.I.P. Event Ticket.

Get V.I.P. Event Seating, Pro head shot, special schwag… and access to this “Ask the Expert” private dinner where you can learn more from our business building, money making experts. You can be on the hot-seat to get input and insights to help you grow your business.