What to expect at this event

Let’s face it; there are a lot of women’s events around. And frankly, most of them don’t live up to your expectations.

D.I.N.O! is Different.

This event is designed for “GET IT DONE” kind of professionals.  Substantive, purposeful, dynamic, results focused.

Ready for real world, practical info you can use today?

Ready to dive into content that not only motivate you but get you hands on help right there, from the experts?

Ready to develop real relationships, real success insights that will help you get real results for 2024?

You’ve launched your company, and are a seasoned business owner-  and you know there’s always room to take your ideas to another level so you cross the finish line strong!

The event agenda will empower you to take your dreams, and gain skills, knowledge, and the network to make them happen!

Take Action! Join Dynamic Professionals Thursday – Saturday Jan 25-27th, 2024 in our Virtual Conference.

Interactive Presentations = You Get Results

This event has a purpose. We created an experience for you that is memorable and allows you to have powerful, easy to learn, understand and apply.   The speaker team wants you to know the time you are investing in yourself, your business and with us, is valuable.  The DINO event has quality speakers that can quickly connect with you to…


What Areas Do You Need Better Results In?

Keynote Debbra Sweet has 30 plus years of hands on experience in starting, building,  fixing, growing and selling businesses. This hands on experience lays the foundation for her Trademark Talk: “Vision to Victory: RISE with Leadership Brand Fusion™!

For a business to be successful, there are key areas that need to be strong and provide consistent results.

Her experience…


Would You Rather Peak at $250k or Make a Million?

This event has limited seating to create an intimate, yet on purpose event.  The content is substantive, the relationships real, the learning experiential.

When you are building a business, would you rather have one that peaks at $250k a year… or would you prefer to learn how to build a 7 figure business that creates a legacy for you? 

Business today is not done the way our daddy’s and granddaddy’s did it.  There’s more to it, and we have brought ‘been there, done that’ speakers to ensure you walk away empowered, inspired, on fire and ready to build the business of your dreams!

The Agenda…