Business: Texas A&M University-Commerce

Hello Debbra Sweet,

I enjoyed reading the Leadership Series.

I was wondering if we could get some of your books for a leadership Business conference that is being held at Paris Junior College.

We are having businessmen from across the state of Texas to come and have a one day conference over how to start a business, social networking and how to be a great leader. I thought your books would be a great asset. I wanted to use them as a door prize and also a way to promote your books. If you have flyers, bookmarkers, or any upcoming information on new books coming out I could pass along, I would be happy to promote them as well.

If you can do this please contact me.
B. Moffitt

P.S. Thank You and keep up the great writing!

“The value you bring to me is that you always have faith and confidence in me and my work and that I can do well with my passion and vision.

I think you bring to a group the same thing but also your positive, cheerful smile and voice and your different way of looking at a subject at hand, always makes your attendees start to see things differently and to find new solutions and attitudes.

Remember, that is what Dr. Ivan Misner says, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE!

That is what you give us!”

Melody B.

“Debbra always knows the most professional thing to say in any given moment of even the most difficult circumstances. And in situations where most of us would lose our temper or show signs of frustration, she controls the urge and handles the problem with high integrity.”

Jesse Farrell
Farrell Plumbing
Vista, CA.

“Debbra is a natural leader. She as exceptional capabilities in identifying and reaching lucrative markets.”

Mike Julien
Encinitas, CA.

“Debbra is a very good leader and communicator. She is honest and direct but not abrasive. She always appears open for constructive criticism and doesn’t come across as someone who “knows it all” but is constantly trying to improve herself as well as those around her.

She is a true leader and she helps provide business solutions for business leaders. She is competitive but not “over the top.” Her competitiveness just shows her heart and soul and how much she cares about her business and about her clients.”


“Debbra has coined the phrase “Can Do” in her business and she lives by that philosophy!

She is a marketing professional who inspires other professionals that they CAN make positive changes in their business to move forward and grow. She has taken the word “can’t” out of her vocabulary!

Debbra is innovative, creative, and a great listener when it comes to the needs of her clients.”

Gina Ruby
Del Mar, CA.

“Learning to live outside your comfort zone in a very public, yet very supportive group environment, can lead to a LOT of personal growth. I have gotten some constructive criticism, not hurtful, just accurate. The structure of what you do, and the accountability will be so beneficial to me.

It’s been really character- building to hear from you that the person you talk to one-to-one doesn’t seem like the person you see stand up and talk. That is very powerful. It’s hard to admit that sometimes what I project is so much less than what I am, or that I have been down-playing my intelligence in favor of being the self-deprecating person that might be seen as silly, but nice.

At first you really scared me. You are powerful and driven and fearless – reigning in all these strangers and trying to pull us together, and calling us on our b*****t. But, when I look back, all of my favorite teachers have been the strict ones, the ones that pushed me the hardest, and made me work for it. But. I have to admit, it was REALLY delicious when you were choking back the tears when we surprised you with a thank you gift at the end for all you did for us!”


“Debbra, what you do transcends and industry. It’s valuable to every business regardless of size. Working with you this past year was great and now that I’m at a new company, I look forward to working with you again very soon!”
Greg Johnson