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The 2nd Annual 

‘Dare to Be D.I.N.O!’

Women’s Business Leadership Conference for:

Strong, Resilient, Driven, Committed, Visionary, Capable, Intelligent Women in Business.


There are 3 problems women in business universally struggle with:

Work Life Balance.  Overwhelm.  Limiting Beliefs. 

At the ‘Dare to Be D.I.N.O!’ Conference, we equip you with the tools you need to “RAISE THE BAR” in Body, Mind & Business. We help you eliminate the negative thoughts that hold you back in life and in business and prepare you to master your time while increasing revenues so you have even more time to enjoy life. 


Imagine yourself in the near future, living life on your terms, on your time, with just the right amount of everything you desire for you, your business and your family.

What would that look like? Feeling great about yourself, hearing gratitude for the work you do professionally and enjoying the fun and laughter of your loved ones as you share quality time with them.

All because you cleverly crafted your career for time and abundance rather than stress and overwhelm that you might be experiencing right now.

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After you’ve successfully completed this event you’ll see with clarity a vision of your perfect future.

Fueled with hope, igniting momentum, you’ll craft an action plan to step out with boldness, bravery and strength to live that new reality.

Imagine your joy bubbling over in all you do personally and professionally!

Stop being told what you can’t do & Start showing ‘em what you can do!

Learn and engage with the Best-In-The-Biz Speakers who excel in their field and educate Women Entrepreneurs!

Actionable tactics.  Candid lessons of success and failure.  Humorous and heartfelt stories.

All of this and more from a hand-picked lineup of presenters who bring a wealth of expertise & experience from their field.

Your Keynote: The “Trailblazing Entrepreneur”. STBI Survivor. Innovator of Effective Entrepreneurial Education.

With Special Guest Presentation by “CNN’s Father of Modern Networking”

Including Guest Speaker from “The World Renowned Chopra Center”


The three day agenda includes Dynamic Professionals that are Get It DONE trainers.

From business to personal development our speakers, trainers and coaches will teach you how to get better results in every area of life.

Together, we have a common  standard of excellence and continuously look for ways to over-deliver.

Watch this to meet Debbra & Discover Why She’s so Passionate to Help You “Rock Your Results” 

Seats are filling up fast and others got their tickets early.  You know what you need to do…..

Meet your Key Sponsors Who are Helping to Make the “Dare To Be D.I.N.O!” Event the best for you!