Calling all visionary women entrepreneurs!

The 3rd Annual 

‘Dare to Be D.I.N.O!’

Business Leadership Conference for:

Strong, Resilient, Driven, Committed, Visionary, Capable, Intelligent Women Business Leaders & the Men Who Support Them.

Are you ready to break through overwhelm and ascend to new heights in leadership and branding?

The 3rd Annual “Dare to Be D.I.N.O!” Conference is designed specifically for growth-minded leaders like you.

It’s time to RISE & move from Vision to Victory and fully embody your role as a dynamic leader.

At this transformative event, we’re not just talking about change – we’re making it happen. Experience the fusion of Leadership Brand Fusion™ and RISE, designed to elevate your brand and leadership skills to exceptional levels.

🔹 Master the art of resiliency and confidence.
🔹 Learn the secrets of branding that aligns with your unique leadership style.
🔹 Discover the CORE 4™ strategies essential for business growth.

Imagine a future where you are not just thriving in your business, but also living a life filled with joy, confidence, and success. Our hand-picked lineup of expert speakers will share actionable tactics, candid lessons of success and failure, and inspiring stories to fuel your journey.

 D.I.N.O! is Different. Watch this Personal Message from the Visionary Behind this Conference & Learn Why YOU Need to Be Here. 

Men have been the strong hold of business in the USA for decades.  The tides are changing- and the fastest growing segment of innovative businesses are being led by women.   There’s one issue though. Men approach business differently than women.  

When you attend this conference, You will learn how to Go from Vision to Victory and RISE with Leadership Brand Fusion™.

  (This conference is perfect for Leaders in life and business who want to make an impact with who they are and what they do.) 

Building, leading & growing a business takes guts. 

Staying in business takes knowledge, passion, and know how. 

Becoming an effective business leader takes courage, conviction, tenacity…and refinement of your trajectory. 

At the ‘Dare to Be D.I.N.O!’ Conference, we equip growth minded visionaries & leaders with information, insights & support to overcome overwhelm, go from Vision to Victory so you can Confidently & Consistently RISE!

🌟 Boost your confidence with goal-setting strategies that work.

🌟 Embrace your leadership potential and learn to brand UP with purpose.

🌟 Eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with empowering beliefs that drive you towards success.

🌟 Gain insights from seasoned professionals to enhance your earning potential.

BONUS: Master the essential cornerstones of leadership mindset, skill-sets, and networking for unstoppable growth.

Learn and engage with the Best-In-The-Biz Speakers who excel in their field and educate Women Business Leaders!

Actionable tactics.  Candid lessons of success and failure.  Humorous and heartfelt stories.

All of this and more from a hand-picked lineup of presenters who bring a wealth of expertise & experience from their field.

Your Keynote:  A New York Times Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Leadership Performance Expert,  Lifetime Entrepreneur & Business Growth Trailblazer

Special Guest:  A New York Times Bestselling Author, World Renowned Leader, Speaker, Visonary

Meet Your Keynote & Discover Why Her Story So INSPIRING and Gaining Global Attention.


The three day agenda for this VIRTUAL EVENT includes Dynamic Professionals that are Get It DONE trainers who lead with heart.

From business to personal development our speakers, trainers and coaches will teach you how to get better results in every area of life.

Together, we have a common  standard of excellence and continuously look for ways to over-deliver.

 Real Results from D.I.N.O! Events

There are 3 problems women who are scaling up their business universally struggle with:

Work Life Balance.  Overwhelm.  Limiting Beliefs. 

Do you play to win but are stuck in a rut?

Debbra Sweet, the D.I.N.O! Keynote speaks, coaches, trains and teaches organizational leaders to develop the “Book Ends of Business” igniting the ‘H-Factor’; a potent catalyst to lasting, thriving results in Business, Body & Mind. Her style is straight forward, from the heart, results oriented and substantive.

A New York Times Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Leadership Performance Expert & Lifetime Entrepreneur, she’s started, renovated, scaled, & sold businesses. She consistently catapults ROI in: marketing, sales, leadership development, maximizing capacity & culture for improved revenue metrics for ‘Get It Done’ pros.

And… she walks the walk.  This isn’t just book knowledge you will learn. It’s been there, done that, we understand what you are going through expertise she’s bringing to this event . Living through a tumultuous 30-year trek to reclaim her health, she never gave up on her personal and professional vision.

Innovative, tenacious, defying odds – she survived a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Undergoing massive rehab to literally ‘rewire’ where her brain functions from, she still ran businesses, raised family and lead clients to scale companies with peace of mind & ROI.

At “Dare to Be D.I.N.O!” she’s bringing insights, principles and tools to help you “Raise the Bar! In Body, Mind, and Business” so YOU can discover how she consistently trains ‘Get It Done’ entrepreneurs how to attract, convert, scale up and profitably retain customers to create 7+ figure businesses.  Many of them reap ROI of 25-50% or more in a matter of 90 days or less!

D.I.N.O! Visionary and Keynote, Debbra Sweet, has been featured in professional magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations since she was young- and continues to do so. 

Attend this Business Leadership Conference and find out why she’s a trusted, sought after influencer for dynamic growth minded businesses!

Imagine yourself in the near future, living life on your terms, on your time, with just the right amount of everything you desire for you, your business and your family.

What would that look like? Feeling great about yourself, hearing gratitude for the work you do professionally and enjoying the fun and laughter of your loved ones as you share quality time with them.

All because you cleverly crafted your career for time and abundance rather than stress and overwhelm that you might be experiencing right now.

“This event was a game changer for me.  One year ago, I was in a different place in life and business.  I had MAJOR breakthroughs at this event and I’m coming back for more!”

Kellee B., SOS Organizing

I attended D.I.N.O! last year and it totally transformed what I am doing professionally!  I knew I was not doing what was right for me, and this conference gave me the tools and confidence to make major changes for my life and business!

Brittany Hancock

After you’ve successfully completed this event you’ll see with clarity a vision of your perfect future.

Fueled with hope, igniting momentum, you’ll craft an action plan to step out with boldness, bravery and strength to live that new reality.

Imagine your joy bubbling over in all you do personally and professionally!

Stop being told what you can’t do & Start showing ‘em what you can do!

Seats are filling up fast and others got their tickets early.  You know what you need to do…..

Meet your Key Sponsors Who are Helping to Make the “Dare To Be D.I.N.O!” Event the best for you!

Thank You to These Supporters Who are Helping to Make the “Dare To Be D.I.N.O!” Event the best for you!