Meet Your  Keynote Debbra Sweet:

Debbra Sweet is a catalyst for growth. She is  trailblazing a transformation trifecta in body, mind and business. Because what good is one without the others?

She’s an expert in leadership skill set development and entrepreneurial education.  Her teachings provide you with a proven path to create a better business, a better future, and a better foundation upon which to Thrive!

Debbra Sweet Quote: 

“My specialty is trailblazing with growth minded businesses and entrepreneurs.  Taking what I’ve lived through in business, infusing it with first hand experience about how the brain learns, I help you leverage the power of your thinking so you can short track your efforts & time it takes attract, convert & retain more clients.

By innovating Entrepreneurial Education that is easy for you to learn, apply and do, I’m trailblazing a mission to build better education to build better entrepreneurs to build better businesses for the long haul.  We need to change how business is done. It’s doable. I’m doing it. I refuse to accept the grim statistics that are cited for entrepreneurs. There are gaps in business knowledge that make business close down too fast or not grow.  Those gaps can be avoided.”

She’s Dynamic, Engaging, Substantive, Magnetic, Authentic, Purposeful and Driven.

Blazing the trail, she guides others to take action for breaking through boundaries; achieving higher goals & creating a scalable, profitable business with peace of mind & ROI.

An entrepreneur since the age of 9, she now is the founder of multiple businesses including; ,, and the ‘Dare to Be D.I.N.O!’ event. Sweet has distinguished herself by breaking boundaries in body, mind, and business.  She understands the importance of social entrepreneurship and is leading the pack in the space of entrepreneurial education for adults and children.

Debbra draws from decades of hands on entrepreneurial leadership experience along with overcoming a profound personal traumatic experience.   She expertly inspires, motivates, and better trains business owners how to effectively attract consistent clients, stabilize revenues and scale revenues with peace of mind and ROI.

She pulls from her highly creative side as a musician and writer, blends that thinking with time in the corporate arena, along with decades of working with family owned businesses and masterfully guides others to take action for breaking through boundaries.

She helps others clear the clutter of their heart to uncover their true potential and is the bridge that brings concept into reality! 

Debbra empowers her audience to light their fire of passion, get excited around opportunity and surrounds them with resources so they have the confidence to finally take action and make achieving goals a reality. And… she does this with complete transparency. She shares her triumphs and tragedy’s. She is inspiration to thousands that you CAN overcome anything!

Shocked. Locked & Rocked. 

That’s what happened the moment Debbra Sweet hit the wall: literally.  Emotionally captivating. Profoundly heart wrenching.  An extraordinary 30 year quest for answers on ‘what changed one sunny summer afternoon in 1985’, when Debbra tried to move a concrete building with her head! She had just ridden a 52 mile marathon and was riding to cool down, when out of no where, a car came up beside her. To avoid being hit by the car, she moved her bike off the road and onto a sidewalk.

The car drove by unknowing about what just took place. Her bike flipped out from underneath her, and as she had just turned into a business district, when she flew over the handlebars of the bike, she slammed into a concrete building head first.   This was back in the day where helmets were not really thought of or required. She had been riding about 25 -30 miles an hour pacing with traffic, and at the moment where she went down, she was only about 4-6 feet away from the concrete building.

That moment was life changing — on many levels. It began a long, arduous journey that altered her future in ways she would have never imagined.  One filled with triumphs and detours, celebrations of success and deep dark times of unanswered questions as to why she had seasons of very complicated, unexplained health issues that affected her.  Fast forward to the most recent season of ‘life interruptions’ from unexplained health issues, the answer she was seeking as to ‘what changed that day’… has been found.  Debbra has lived through 3 periods of time (a total of 7 years) where she lost the ability to walk, talk, learn, and remember due to a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

Business by itself is complicated enough, and through this personal journey filled with what others would call insurmountable challenges,  she still ran her companies, raised a family  and including the recent time when she went through almost 4 years of rehabilitating and reprogramming how and where her brain functions from.  Now Debbra reveals her insights in the upcoming book “Hitting the Wall: Life Beyond Impact”. 

Debbra’s experience gave her insights into how to harness the power of your brain in order to unleash your human potential and triumph over every situation. Her experience about how the brain functions is unique.

Even her doctors learned things from her sharing.  Her perspective on this helps her connect and communicate differently than others in business.  She’s strong, dynamic and inspiring.    Her brain injury doesn’t define her, but it does distinguish her, and rehabilitating from this caused her to be innovative in how she ran her business. Others now benefit from this knowledge and insight too.   In her early years of entrepreneurship, she put a lot of skin in the game, and was always disappointed that available resources and experts were not as visionary as her. There were many gaps in other people’s processes that left her frustrated.

As a trailblazer, she led in developing her own education too- and that time in the trenches now serves the masses.   She has been pioneering new entrepreneurial training programs filled straight talk, real life experience. All her programs are based on been there, done that, proven strategies, tested systems,  with out of the box solutions that are easy to understand and can be implemented right away. She walks the walk and is passionate about helping other make bank and not go bust.

Through innovation and development of proprietary systems, she consistently trains ‘Get It Done’ entrepreneurs how to attract, convert, scale up and profitably retain customers to create 7+ figure businesses.  Many of them reap ROI of 25-50% or more in a matter of 90 days or less.

Her innovative and proven Trademark Talk “Vision to Victory: Get Your Future Into Focus Beyond Business!”  is based on her trailblazing ‘STEP UP’ Method; empowering you to Bust Through Status Quo, Rock Your Results & Master the Stages of Entrepreneurship!


Are you ready to take a step to ‘go for it’- to reconnect with passions and purpose and then create a plan a successful business that is focused on that vision?


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