What is D.I.N.O? 2018-02-15T13:02:38+00:00

What does it take to undo the’ dream stealing’ influences of our childhood & the negative impact of the world so that we can experience the joy and passion in everything we do, every day?

Who hasn’t looked back on their life and thought about where they could be and who they could be now.. If only they hadn’t cared so much what everyone else thought about them.

  • Maybe they would have gone out for the team/band/play because they loved it, instead of worrying that they would look foolish or fail.
  • Maybe they would have applied themselves more and gotten more involved in academics, if not for the fear of seeming uncool to their peers.
  • Or simply gotten ready in the morning and gone about their day without looking in the mirror and criticizing every little thing about themselves before others had the opportunity.

And knowing now, that all of what other people thought about our dreams, goals and desires…that never really mattered. It only held us back.

All too often, women continue to unknowingly hold ourselves back from being our true, full selves. Only we do it in new more “adult ways”.

This is the moment the inspiration where the “DINO” concept started!

It isn’t too late to break that cycle and become the woman you want to become… the woman that you were on track to be as joyful, passionate, I can do anything I dream about filled with tenacity kind of  gal.. just like we were as young children!!

That feeling, that zest for life is the essence of D.I.N.O!  And it was inspired by my son Quinn, on his 8th birthday.

Let me introduce you to him.  Quinn finds the joy in life without being encumbered by the opinions and biases of everyone and everything going on around him.

Quinn is a great example of what it takes for us, as adults- to “Dare to Be D.I.N.O”!

What does that mean?

I share with you his heart, his attitude and his vision for the future.  Quinn truly lives in a color filled world.

It’s bright, it’s fun, everything he does is about creating an environment or space that allows the senses to be filled with time to play. Time to revel in the simplicity life has. Time to feel pure happiness.

Quinn LOVES dinosaurs.  It’s a passion of his. At a time when most kids usually outgrow their interest in dinos, his lives on. We have dino shirts, pillows, toys, discovery games, board games, blankets, books and many other things about dinos.  For his eighth birthday, I made him a 3-D Dinosaur cake.  It filled him to overfilling joy!!  He told me he wanted chocolate mint cake… and that is what he got. (Ok- so he got chocolate cake with mint M&M’s and mint chocolate ice cream.)

  • Joy doesn’t always come from play. That is unique to Quinn and unique to others.
  • For me, I feel joy when I see others grow.    When I see them become more fulfilled and achieve their dreams and goals, I feel joy.

Part of how we can achieve joy in our life is to have vision – clear vision of what we want.

Not what we have or are living now… but clarity in the vision of what can be, what is available to us, and then take the steps necessary to achieve that vision.

The point here is this- no matter what your passion, your circumstances, your surroundings, no matter what your friends, family or coworkers think… where do YOU find joy?

  • What is it that you can wrap your vision around and hold onto that would allow you to be D.I.N.O.?
  • What is it that will motivate you to play? What is it that will fulfill you so in the darkest times, you can find it in your heart to sing with joy?

I wrap up today by sharing this:  it’s time find your passion!  Dare to be BOLD about it no matter what others around you say.  SEE it in your mind clearly as if you already have it- then take action on it.

The best action you can take today is to attend the Dare to Be D.I.N.O. Event!  Bring your ideas, and let our experts help you break through the mental boundaries, shatter the glass ceiling that has been holding you back.

We’ll embrace your ideas and then empower you with knowledge, new skills, resources and support at the event and long after to help you LIVE your DREAMS and be D.I.N.O.!